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New to Contracting or an Experienced Contractor?

Choose our Umbrella Company for a simple, honest, customer-focussed solution.

If you aren't currently using an Umbrella Company we have one question for you, why not?  The reasons for joining us are positive and numerous.

Since 1995, Liberty Bishop’s UK Umbrella Company has helped thousands of contractors by providing them with a first class, hassle free, compliant service from day one. Our friendly team will ensure that all of your contractor requirements are taken care of with efficiency and professionalism.

Getting Started

Certain types of contracts only allow you to invoice via a Limited Company or to perform your services within the UK. This is where our Umbrella Company step up. We handle everything for you, from your registration with HM Revenue & Customs, contracts, invoicing, payment calculations to your payments of Income Tax and National Insurance.

In brief here’s what Liberty Bishop provide for you:

  • You become an employee of our umbrella company.
  • You receive payment in the form of salary and allowable expenses.
  • You have a dedicated and experienced response team at your disposal.
  • We'll handle all of your Income Tax, National Insurance and VAT calculations and payments.
  • We'll process your expenses.
  • We’ll save you tax and increase your take home pay.
  • We'll handle all of your contract correspondence.
  • We'll handle all of your invoicing requirements. 

At Liberty Bishop we know that no two contractors are exactly alike. That’s why we dare to be different. With this in mind, if you ever have a specific requirement our team will always go the extra mile to deliver the first class service you deserve.

Here's what we DON'T do:
  • We DON'T confuse you with misleading information about expenses dispensations.
  • We DON'T place you in an off-shore scheme or any other tax avoidance arrangement.
  • We DON'T expect you to communicate with us exclusively via an impersonal online portal (unless you want to).
Here's what we DO do:
  • We DO offer you one of the highest customer referred Umbrella Solutions in the UK.
  • We DO provide industry leading customer service
  • We DO offer you  service which has 17 years’ worth of HMRC compliancy.
So don't delay. Get in touch!

For more information please contact our sales team.


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