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Useful Information


         Currency: Euro (€)

         Capital city: Paris

         Language: French

         Time zone: GMT + 1Hr

         Electricity: 230V / 50Hz

         Fiscal year: 1st Jan - 31st Dec

         Telephone code: +33

         Internet code: .fr

         Lowest point: Rhone River delta (-2m)

         Highest point: Mont Blanc (4,807m)

         Approx. area: 248,428 square miles


Residents of France pay tax on their worldwide income. Non-residents pay tax only on French sourced income. Tax treaties with other countries ensure that the same income will not be taxed twice in relation to those other countries.

The rates are progressive, starting at 12% and increasing to 20%.

There is no PAYE system in France so individuals are responsible for paying over their own tax to the authorities. Liberty Bishop withhold a French Tax provision and are happy to pay funds across to the TRESOR Public (French Tax Authorities) on their behalf.


A flat rate of 10% in lieu of expenses.

A proportion of UK National Insurance Contributions.

Other costs such as pension contributions.

Social Security

A flat social tax comprised of a social contribution (CSG) and a defecit reduction charge (CRDS) is levied at 8%.

In addition, Social Security contributions are required to the pensions and health care schemes. The rates are dependent on income but are approximately 8% employee and 13% employer.

However, this is irrelevant as we can obtain an A1 (E101) Certificate, ensuring that the Employee remains in the UK Social Security System.


Only a proportion of the cost of treatment will be refunded so you would need to consider taking out additional insurance to cover the remaining 30%.

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