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Railway Safety Critical Work

To ensure that we maintain suitable insurance and keep you covered during your employment, you must inform us if any of the work you perform though our umbrella company is deemed as Railway Safety Critical.

Safety critical work means work by a person;

a) as a driver, guard, conductor or signalman or in any other capacity in which he can control or affect the movement of a vehicle;

b) in a maintenance capacity or as a supervisor of, or look-out for, persons working in a maintenance capacity; and for this purpose, a person works in a maintenance capacity if his work involves;

   i) maintenance, repair or alteration of;

aa) the permanent way or other means of guiding or supporting vehicles,

bb) signals or any other means of controlling the movement of vehicles, or

cc) any means of supplying electricity to vehicles or to the means of guiding or supporting vehicles, or

   ii) coupling or uncoupling vehicles; or

   iii) checking that vehicles are working properly before they are used on any occasion, system;

which could affect the health or safety of persons on a transport system.

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