What you need to be aware of...

Over the past decade there has been an array of new
legislations imposed that have affected the freelance market.

As there is no 'official' regulation in our industry by a governing trade union this can compromise the integrity of our business. Some firms in the market offer services such as compliance audits and unbiased advice.  They are operating without approval by HMRC because there is no such thing which is recognised by government or an independent trade body at present. At this stage, companies that offer such services are a for profit commercial enterprises first and foremost. So please be aware.

Here at Liberty Bishop, we deal with HMRC directly and adhere to all tax laws. Our staff have a full understanding of all the below mentioned regulations. We will also keep you up to speed with any amendments or rule changes that come into force.

Please see the below headlined regulations that you should be aware of whilst operating in the flexible workforce. This will give you an overview of what they are and how and why they affect you. Of course, if you have any further questions we would be happy to run through these with you in a little more detail.