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Payroll Bureau

Payroll Bureau

Administering your payroll, whether for one employee or for one hundred, is laborious, burdensome and time consuming.

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We have a simple, honest and fully compliant solution that benefits both new & experienced contractors.

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Specifically designed for those registered under the Construction Industry Scheme.

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Accountancy Services

Accountancy Services

There are many benefits in
setting up a Limited Company as an alternative to using an umbrella service.

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We offer international
solutions in a wide range of European countries.

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Public Sector

Public Sector

While contracting in the public sector you need to consider legislation that could affect you as an agency or a contractor.

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Why Use Us?

Liberty Bishop are a specialist payroll and accountancy provider for contract and freelance workers, providing a range of different solutions on both a domestic (UK) and an international basis. Established in 1995, we have over 20 years of experience in providing contractors and agencies with the best practice advice, backed-up by fully-compliant and robust solutions.

We pride ourselves on building relationships; our fully-trained and friendly team are here to help. Providing you with a highly personal level of service, their job is to make your contracting experience a stress-free and happy one. We’ve improved the contracting experience for over 36,000 contractors since we opened our doors in 1995, and during that time have also developed good relationships with 100’s of recruitment agencies too!

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